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when you eat the food, it's energy fuel instead of storing as fat. the energy fuel to help you work out allows you to trim that body down and get into great shape over the holidays. >> you have specific exercises. we are going take a look at them. this is called punch out to an upright. >> here, you don't need a heavyweight, either. get your weight. punch it out. bring it back. come down. here. >> you work two different muscles. you are working the chest. when you come down, you are working the shoulder. it's a nice, smooth, pace. keep a slight bend in your knees to take pressure off the lower back. >> punch out. >> a shoulder press. >> we are goingrom free weight to a band. if you have bands at home, yeah. take the band, tighten yourself up. squat. as you come up, turn it into a shoulder press. you have gone from the legs to the shoulders. >> what part of your legs are you working? >> the quads. >> right back there? >> the front part of the leg. as you push up the shoulders, you are working the shoulders. >> tri-cep. >> take the band and lock it in. keep as much tension on the upper pa
. not a problem for this family who admitted they would rather be walking anyway. >> we are burning off energy. ibd who's got children knows that's what we are not doing today. we are not keeping anybody inside. >> if you decide to walk, you need to be very, very careful. the floodwaters can rise quickly. frankly, you have to watch for cars. they are hydroplaning and throwing water everywhere. it's not safe to be on the road if you can avoid it. if you can and if your kids are not driving you crazy, stay inside. tisha thompson, news 4. >>> we have been keeping an eye on the roads as we speak. let's see what she has to tell us about how traffic is moving. >> normally, you focus on one area, today, you are around the entire dmv. >> if you can stay in, i would. over 40 roads closed. let's head over now as you make the trip in fairfax county there. 80 roads are closed. these are local roads. the interstates look good. on i-95 in both directions, nice and clear in virginia. no issues there. 66 as well inside and outside of the beltway. no problems. i can tell you, local roads are just a mess on som
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2